• AT.Sign e-Cheque

    A revolutionary platform that replaces traditional paper cheque issuance and presentment More details

Leap-Frog from Paper Cheques & CTS to Full Digitally Signed e-Cheques

AT.Sign e-Cheque is a new revolutionary and disruptive technology that enables Banks and Cheque Clearing Houses to leap-frog straight from physical paper cheques or image captured Cheque Truncation Systems (CTS) to fully electronic and highly automated and digitally signed, secure paperless cheques which cannot be forged or tampered.

Furthermore the digitally issued e-Cheques also enables revolutionary new business practices and streamlined workflows in the issuance of multi-signatory corporate cheques which currently requires the physical presence of all cheque signatories to sign the cheque before it can be sent to the beneficiary. Issuing Banks also have full visibility and awareness of all e-Cheque issuance and expected presentment due dates and the system is fully interoperable with existing paper cheque and CTS presentment and clearing in operation at the Clearing House.

Support for Wide Range of e-Cheque Scenarios
AT.Sign can support general e-Cheque applications (single signature), cashier’s orders, multiple signatures and batch signing for corporate “cheque runs” e.g. tax refunds, share subscription refunds etc.

Better User Experience
Users can digitally sign e-Cheques via server-side (Special Purpose Cert.) and client-side certificates (General Purpose Cert), using their choice of PC/smartphone/tablet across a wide variety of browsers.

Bring Down TCO
Eliminate the costs of physical paper cheque issuance inventories, cheque printing/scanning equipment and consumables, distribution, manpower costs associated with paper cheque handling, imaging, transcription, cheque verification and ‘rolling out your own’ digital signature solution by adapting AT.Sign e-Cheque’s unified, tried and tested approach .

Protect Your Investment
AT.Sign source code can be deposited at third-party escrow agent to ensure your software investment is protected.

Written in Java, runs on Linux (RHEL, SuSE, Ubuntu), Unix (AIX), and Windows
Works with various combinations of J2EE App Servers (WebSphere, WebLogic) and Database Servers (Oracle, DB2, MySQL)

AT.Sign e-Cheque wins Bronze for “Internet Finance Solution Provider” at the inaugural, August 2016, Hong Kong Internet Finance Award.