• POS / Mobile Solutions

    Versatile and feature rich solution supporting NFC, USSD & SMS based payments including Secure Element, Embedded Secure Element & Host Card Emulation

Telco & Payments Domain Driven Mobile Platform

Our POS/Mobile Solution is uniquely rooted in both the telco and payments domains to deliver highly innovative, seamless, hybrid and conventional mobile payment services straddling both social networking and conventional payment channels. It provides an automated system for delivering services through the mobile communication channels (SMS, USSD) or online channels (XML or JSON requests). This powerful architecture allows the deployment of mobile bank services, provide a channel for remote users to control their account or simply provide a channel for transmission of transaction data between multiple hosts.

The POS/Mobile payment solution also includes a payment gateway for automated acquirer payments and third party processing. The system allows replenishment of accounts of external payment systems, payments for mobile operator services, internet service providers, various utility providers, repayment of bank loans, payment of traffic police fines, vehicle inspection duties, theater and/or cinema tickets, as well as air and railway tickets. The solution provides the ability to process user transactions Рrequests for debiting cards and transferring them to the bank processing that provides transactions via international card scheme payment systems.

Unique Features

  • Direct connection to SS7 & M3UA protocol support
  • Functionality to connect external content providers through the SMPP protocol or web services
  • Processing of MO and MT SMS messages
  • Processing of MO and MT USSD messages
  • Generating and sending OTA messages to update SIM-cards
  • Using the hardware cryptographic module HSM for storage of keys required for OTA message generation
  • Easy and flexible system configuration (web interface)
  • Detailed statistics and comprehensive monitoring, generation of CDR files for SMS and USSD traffic
  • Functionality to store messages sent in the archive
  • Use of XML/JSON gateway for integration with external systems
  • Transactions can be committed through a variety of terminal devices
  • Transactions can be committed through a variety of terminal devices
  • Modular design allows for virtually unlimited expansion of functions without completely stopping the System and based on 24×7, 365 days a year operations.